NEW WEBINAR: Ready to learn more about the value AI can deliver from your data assets?

AI is undoubtedly growing more and more popular in today’s corporate world as its value is being realised by businesses large and small. Many companies suffer from the same issue; vast amounts of important data but no quick, effective way to assess, analyse and action it to make impactful change to day to day operations and processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing and fast becoming an invaluable way for businesses to gain competitive advantage from their data assets.

So, ask yourself, “Can I predict the top features that will drive my customer to buy; increasing sales conversion?”, “Can I predict why and when my customers will churn before they do?”, “How do I carry out preventive maintenance at the optimum time?”, “Can I predict emotion and therefore buying behaviour?”, “Can I use anomaly detection to reduce fraud and risk?” If you want to know the answers, AI can help you find out.  In fact, there are multiple undiscovered insights that your data holds that you may not even realise exist but could be key to further business differentiation.

Inawisdom are experts in AI and Machine Learning and have already helped companies uncover and exploit value held in their data to incredible effect – increasing sales, mitigating risk, improving profit and streamlining operations.  As you would expect from an AWS Machine Learning Competency partner, this is achieved by leveraging the rich set of AI services from AWS such as Amazon SageMaker.

Why not join us on Thursday 26th July at 2pm for our latest webinar, giving you the chance to see how you can rapidly adopt AI and the real world results it is delivering for businesses just like yours.

The webinar – AI: the ultimate tool to maximise the value and impact of your data – is 30 minutes, where you’ll gain access to years of real-world expertise from our very own CTO, Robin Meehan. Register here today – we look forward to seeing you there!