At Inawisdom we have the tools and expertise to accelerate the transformation of data into tangible commercial insights for your business. Inawisdom: Real Data Insights. 

Suffolk County Council are always looking at digital and innovative ways to address financial challenges in public services, but also looking at more effective ways to meet the needs of users and communities across Suffolk. They wanted to engage with local innovators and businesses like Inawisdom to explore solutions to enable them to deliver better services, manage demand and facilitate transformation.  

Inawisdom are leaders in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). We are specialists in advanced analytics, BI/MI and Data Science, providing a full-stack of AWS Cloud and Data Services, from Platform through engineering and Advanced and Predictive Analytics. Our accelerator tools and a proven method deliver results quickly and iteratively, enabling our customers to rapidly discover business insight and differentiation from their data assets. 

We are delighted to be participating at this year’s ‘Innovation Showcase’ on Wednesday 3rd April in Ipswich, to hear from staff and other public sector partners what their challenges/priorities are and how we could potentially help. The team are looking forward to showcasing the latest demos and customer success stories on the day. 

Please find below some of our customer success stories below, where we have proved significant business value in their data; to increase sales, margins, maximise operational efficiency and improve customer engagement and experience. 

  • Drax  – Anomaly Detection; Energy Consumption
  • Ipswich Building Society  – Anomaly detection on unusualaccount usage patterns (Anti-Money Laundering)  
  • Madgex  – Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for candidate matching to job posts 
  • Post Office  – Using Machine Learning for Insurance revenue optimisation

We are looking forward to engaging with other local solution providers on the day and exploring topics on ‘all things digital’. 

Please get in touch here with one of our experts if you would like to understand more about how we are helping customers prove business value in their data assets.