Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP)



Our highly customisable platform for liberating the value in your data


Based on industry-leading AWS Cloud technology, RAMP enables us to rapidly deploy a flexible, safe and secure data discovery environment. We tailor an outcome-oriented RAMP instance to your initial need, and as our Discovery process continues we can rapidly reconfigure the platform to provide a production ready, enterprise-scale service without lengthy rebuild and reconfiguration – even when the end solution is quite different from initial expectations.


We will rapidly deploy a RAMP environment tailored to address your business challenge. Whatever the form of data we need to ingest; whatever cleansing, preparation and data manipulation we need to apply; whichever development language, analytics engine, machine learning algorithms or visualisation tools are appropriate to your data opportunity – we can configure RAMP to host them in a matter of minutes, not days. Our extensive experience of building RAMPs for varying needs is what drives our ability to accelerate your machine learning opportunity.


We build RAMP with an ‘open’ ethos – instances are configured from multiple easily assembled components, and by preference we adopt open languages such as Python, although we can easily work with your existing data sources and your preferred scripting or machine learning.


Whatever your current technology we can ingest your data into RAMP, then feed outputs or data visualisation back into your BI platform or operational/transactional systems.


With RAMP there is no need to estimate performance requirements in a lengthy design phase – we can get straight into discovery and prototyping, and then just scale the solution to meet your needs. Code repository management is built-in. RAMP instances are hardened with best practice security and intrusion detection, and we proactively patch and manage security updates for all RAMP instances and configurations to ensure you remain protected against evolving cybersecurity threats. When you’re ready to productionise a solution we can rapidly expand from prototype to enterprise scale without having to rebuild from the ground up.



Working with three key technology partners, Inawisdom enables customer differentiation:

Cloud computing has been firmly established by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the disruptive economic and delivery model that underpins all these other advances described in our vision.

AWS have rapidly evolved their platform and have now reached the position where they now offer all the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) components needed to deliver this business value with unprecedented pace – having added new services for new machine learning, API management and IoT to augment the existing rich Cloud and big data services.

Combined with the AWS skills and experience that Inawisdom brings, for the first time this enables organisations to leverage their advantages – such as access to existing data sets, mature distribution networks, scale and funding.

With ever increasing volumes of data from multiple sources, arriving at unprecedented rates, a key challenge for organisations is the creation and management of a platform for data capture, ingestion, storage, search and visualisation to rapidly deliver business insights. Elastic provide the de facto industry standard platform that meets this challenge, via their ELK stack distribution with the essential 24/7/365 Enterprise support model and management capabilities including security and monitoring.

Image courtesy of Elastic

Basis Rosette
The ability to extract value from unstructured data in order to derive deeper insights when used in combination with other structured datasets is crucial. This is especially true for our customers in text-heavy sectors such as commercial insurance and re-insurance, and an additional challenge is to achieve this across multiple and mixed languages.

Through their Rosette Text Analytics suite of products, Basis Technology provide the market leading solution that applies start-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models to unearth value across 55 languages.

Basis Technology - Rosette analytics
Inawisdom use Rosette’s multilingual sentiment analysis capability to derive trending data for brands to use in our predictive pricing models.