Inasight has been putting on weight before Christmas.  We’ve outgrown our original Ipswich premises and so a couple of months ago we took a larger space, still in BT’s Adastral Park site as part of Innovation Martlesham.  We like the site, so we wanted our new office to have the same great facilities and continued access to the local BT ecosystem to lean on.

In the Ipswich office we have our Service Management team and core functions like Finance and Operations, so the staffing levels for those are pretty predictable.  We use our London location near Liverpool Street as a base when visiting clients in London, or for client meetings.  So the day-to-day location of other staff is totally dependant on what client projects they are working on – so they could be in Ipswich, London, with the client or working at home.  Which is a longwinded way of saying that on day one of the new office when everyone was there, we were already out of space!

Anyway, as they say, it’s a nice problem to have.  At our growth rate we’re probably OK for 12 months, with some occasional slightly awkward cosiness at times for the more roving consultants amongst us.  The facilities have improved also – the new coffee machine is a hit – literally – as CEO Neil bought what seemed to be the strongest coffee capsules that money can buy in the first batch.  We haven’t done the “go and get a pool table or table football” thing, partially because we get our kicks from playing with machine learning etc – honestly we do, sad I know!

NB If you are wondering why the image on this post has a little blacked out area, it’s because my “office mascot” was deemed inappropriate by the team :)