Machine Learning Practice

“Inawisdom was founded with a simple goal: To give our customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence.”

Robin Meehan, co-founder & MD, Inawisdom

Unlocking value in your business data

Whatever your commercial challenge, we help you differentiate and outperform your competitors. Our machine learning expertise will bring artificial intelligence to your business.

Multi-sector experience

Our consultants’ business experience covers a wide range of business sectors – we have clients across financial and professional services, information technology, public sector, manufacturing and construction, retail and healthcare. We will deploy a team of commercially experienced Machine Learning specialists that can rapidly understand your business challenge, and can apply the right tools and techniques to discover and exploit your previously concealed business data opportunities.

Proven methodology

We rapidly surface your ‘unknown unknowns’, working with you to focus on the best approach to meeting your business challenge. Our popular “Discovery-as-a-Service” consulting methodology gives us a running start in addressing your business challenge, applying timeboxed 1-week sprints with a clear focus on testing a target hypothesis. This is the cornerstone of our agile, responsive, test-and-learn approach and typically produces clear proof of value within 4-6 weeks.

A full machine learning toolkit

We apply a range of ML techniques to help you exploit opportunities hidden in your business information – whether that is structured or unstructured data, real-time clickstream or IoT, voice, video or archived text and images – we can work with your data whatever its form or location. We typically develop directly in Python, although we have experience in R, TensorFlow, MXNet etc., and we work with whichever toolset is right for a client’s need. Through our long-standing partnership with AWS, we were among the first in the world to use services like SageMaker and Comprehend. We have experience in supervised and unsupervised learning, classification and clustering tasks, deep learning and ensemble algorithms, and natural language processing.

RAMP - Ready to roll

With our AWS-based Rapid Analytics Machine-Learning Platform (RAMP) instantly available to deploy and customise to your need, our consultants land with a toolkit ‘ready to roll’ – with no onboarding delay. We’re straight to work on a familiar platform – fast, secure, and managed. This is an enterprise-grade solution right out of the box and can remain in place from discovery into production, or we can deploy our developed solutions onto your existing infrastructure.

With you from start to finish

Our consulting practice begins with rapid discovery, and works with you throughout the process to refine both the question and the solution. We can productionise your solution on our secure, managed RAMP platform, but you won’t be tied to Inawisdom – we love talking about our work as much we do delivering it – so our engagements include a complete knowledge transfer and solution handover, leaving you wiser and in control, and us eager to help with your next business challenge…

Benefits of choosing Inawisdom

Established teams, quick to engage

With the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence opportunities across all sectors, and speed-to-solution being a key differentiator for many of our customers, it is increasingly hard to find good, experienced data scientists who can rapidly understand your business challenge. Inawisdom are able to rapidly deploy a cohesive team of experienced consultants, cloud architects and data scientists to rapidly assess your business opportunity and develop a proof of value – no time lost in forming, storming and norming a team, our people are performing from day one.

Breadth of machine learning expertise

Our consultants are drawn from across industry disciplines. We love working with clients in familiar sectors and exploring new ones, and we have one common interest – dedication to applying proven machine learning applications to unmet business challenges.

We stay abreast of the latest trends in this fast-evolving field, always ready to apply the most appropriate and proven techniques to our client’s problems.

We exploit our expertise in machine learning to help you find new wisdom from your existing business data.

Reduced cost of discovery

Our rapid-start and proven discovery-as-a-service methodology accelerates your ability to achieve proof of value in your business data, thus reducing the overall cost of discovery. You will know quickly which opportunities show promise and reduce time and money lost on less productive lines of enquiry. This will of course result in improved ROI and allow you to achieve more with a limited discovery budget.

Quality of delivery

Our engagements follow a proven, agile and responsive methodology, managed by a lead consultant under the oversight of an executive member. Our consultants work with you at every stage to ensure the delivery is on track and remains focused on achieving the right outcome.

We have been commended by previous clients not just for the results delivered but the way we got there.