For Transport and Logistics businesses, the key to addressing many of today’s challenges – from supply chain disruption and rising customer expectations, to the balance between efficiency and sustainability – could lie in cutting-edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning (ML).
By rapidly applying AI and ML to key business areas, organisations can uncover powerful insights within their data to increase efficiency and delight customers.

Webinar: Logistics Business and Inawisdom host a panel on how AI is transforming Transport and Logistics

For logistics businesses, customer expectations are at an all-time high. This, combined with supply chain disruption and concerns around sustainability, means that optimising processes and operating more efficiently is key.

In this webinar, expert panellists from Intel, Inawisdom, GPC Systems and Logistics Business discuss how AI is helping logistics businesses streamline operations, predict future needs, make more informed decisions and delight customers. Packed with practical insights and real-life case studies, it’s essential viewing for anyone exploring AI adoption.

Case Study: Delivering Digital Transformation for Aramex

Since 2018, Aramex has partnered with Inawisdom to unlock their data with Machine Learning, with a focus on last-mile delivery. ML models helped improve the accuracy of transit-time predictions by 74%, improving customer experience and reducing strain on the contact centre.

Read the case study to find out how Inawisdom helped make it happen – all within 3 months of the initial engagement.

Video: The supply chain of the future

How are companies addressing the reality of supply chain planning cycles shortening year over year? In this episode of AWS’s All Things Delivered series, experts from Inawisdom and AWS look at how AI is helping a global auto manufacturer more accurately predict delivery times.

Find out how ML and the cloud are being employed across a number of use cases to make better predictions and optimize supply chain management.

Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the technology and AWS services we’re using to power these cutting edge use cases.

See how AI is making an impact in Transport and Logistics

Overview: Last-Mile Transformation

Delivering greater accuracy, efficiency and personalisation for all stakeholders – from customers to contact centre to ground operations.


Generating more accurate ETA predictions for a particular journey, based on internal and external data, to optimise delivery journeys and supply chain operations.


Predicting fuel consumption based on multiple data sets – including sensor data and weather – to enable bid optimisation, fraud detection and preventative maintenance.

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