Intelligent Document Processing On AWS

Turning documents into actionable data

As data insights become increasingly key to driving better decisions and optimising operations, finding faster, more accurate ways to extract the value held in business documents is essential. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) uses AI and Machine Learning to accurately extract structured data from all kinds of documents – including emails, spreadsheets and PDFs. IDP makes it easy to specify the exact data or input fields you need and bring all relevant instances into one place ready for analysis and application. Mass volumes of documents can be rapidly processed, with high accuracy, allowing businesses to truly unlock the insights held in their data.

Our IDP Accelerator: Efficient data extraction for faster insights

Our Intelligent Document Processing Accelerator speeds up operational processes, improves accuracy and reduces the need for manual input.

We use best-in-class technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Textract, SageMaker and Comprehend, as well as leveraging the latest in Generative AI and Large Language Models.

Ebook: Intelligent Document Processing with Inawisdom & AWS

In this ebook from AWS & Inawisdom, you’ll learn more about how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) works and how our solution can help your business extract data from documents more efficiently and speed up time-to-insight.