Inawisdom are leaders in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, incorporating the latest AWS Cloud services, transforming how organisations can make use of and embed these techniques to deliver market differentiating services both rapidly and securely. Inawisdom provide a full-stack of AWS Cloud and Data Services, from Architecture, Platform, Engineering, MI/BI through to AI &ML.

Founded in 2016, staff growth has been exceptionally strong, with an Ipswich office now boasting nearly 50 heads and an additional two dozen in London, and our first office opened this month in Rotterdam, a watershed moment! We look forward to continued expansion in all areas in upcoming years.

Inawisdom recruit locally first and foremost, attending university open days, STEM showcases, recruitment fairs and via local agency partners. A number of our most significant customers are based here in the East of England region, with others spread across London, the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  But, despite casting our gaze far and wide, our roots will always remain firmly grounded in Suffolk and HQ shall remain here. We are a local business with a global reach. Inawisdom, as a Suffolk based business, are helping their customers – other local businesses – to improve their own commercial offerings, which in turn benefits their (local) customers.

One of our computer Science Graduates, Jason, was approached by Inawisdom at his University STEM open day in summer 2018. Impressed by his final year project, which incorporated various aspects of Machine Learning and software development, he was invited to interview and present his project, leading to a full-time job offer.  When asked, Jason said: “I was genuinely surprised when two members from the team came to see me as my dissertation was connected to their line of work. A company at the forefront of technology, working out from a base right on my doorstep made me very excited, especially when they invited me to interview.”

As a fast growing ‘Cloud first’ business we are looking for a range of skills and experience. Please get in touch