[LONDON 27th August 2020] – Inawisdom are delighted to announce sponsorship of the Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) Innovation Festival for this year. The festival brings together stakeholders from Utilities and beyond, together with technologists and partners to look at how innovation and emerging technology can address challenges in the water sector.

After a successful engagement with NWG utilising Inawisdom’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise, they were invited to lend their knowledge to attendees of the festival by sponsoring a sprint focusing on ‘Leveraging AI and ML to enhance the customer call centre experience.’

“Inawisdom are incredibly proud to be invited to participate in NWG’s Innovation Festival. It’s an amazing opportunity for us all to collaborate a innovate around important topics for this industry and the wider community and we are looking forward to using our pioneering approach to AI and ML to support this.” said Neil Miles, CEO of Inawisdom.

The Inawisdom sprint delves into how leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to uncover the hidden value within the data and harness it to deliver business value back to the call centre environment day-to-day, driving better efficiency for call handlers and creating an enhanced, personalised approach for the customer.

Inawisdom will also be joined by partners AWS and Intel who will add their insight and expertise and help showcase their own innovation within this area.

Scott Drew, Head of Customer Service at NWG, said: “We’re passionate about delivering great service around the clock for our customers and we know that as people are more pressed for time, they want information that’s relevant to them, as quickly as possible.

“We’re very excited to work with Inawisdom at our Innovation Festival, exploring what data we can unlock to use in a call centre environment and deliver quicker, more personalised interactions with our customers.”

The NWG Innovation Festival will be taking place between 14th-17th September and will offer a full programme of presentations, sprints and networking. It is open globally for those who wish to attend; to register, you can sign up here



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About Inawisdom

Inawisdom was founded in 2016 by CEO Neil Miles, CTO Robin Meehan and its Chairman, Julian Harris. Inawisdom has experienced significant growth and now employs a large team of highly talented individuals with vast Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience built up over many years, with a focus and specialism in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Founded with a simple goal to give its customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence, Inawisdom has a market leading specialism in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, along with practical experience in deploying these leading services across a number of business domains and innovative use cases.

Inawisdom has a presence in London, Ipswich and Rotterdam, with increased operational capabilities across Benelux and the Middle East.


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