Neil Miles, CEO and Co-founder of Inawisdom and Bjoern Reinke, Smart Director from Drax Retail recently showcased how they are leveraging the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to transform the Drax energy retail business. 

Drax Retail are passionate about providing innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers, and Bjoern highlighted Drax Retail’s mission to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future for customers 

“Working in partnership with Inawisdom to leverage the latest AWS technologies has enabled us to accelerate towards our business goals. We are really benefiting from working with Inawisdom who have been able to demonstrate the value in our data within weeks and then help us rapidly move into production” Bjoern Reinke – Drax Retail Smart Director 


There is a phenomenal business opportunity that “real data insight” presents to organisations, from rapid Discovery through to Operation and Scaling AI in the business. According to our recent blog here, Gartner carried out a survey of which 37% of CIOs responded, and stated that they had already deployed AI technology or that deployment was included in future planning.  These days customers are increasingly engaging with us to deliver and deploy these services to enable AI/ML to drive insight and business innovation from their data. 

“The value of the models is not in the models themselves but in an organisation’s ability to harness them rapidly. Our customers’ speed to value realisation is at the heart of our business.Neil Miles – Inawisdom CEO and Co-founder 


Want to find out more about how you can Discover real-data insight in weeks?  Please visit our AWS Solution Space or register to attend the AWS Summit Event in London to learn more about how we helped Drax Retail get started in AI.

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