Financial Services Practice

“The value of AI is not in the models themselves but in an organisation’s ability to harness them rapidly. Our customers’ speed-to-value realisation is at the heart of our business.”

Robin Meehan, co-founder & MD, Inawisdom

Increasing volumes of data, competition and the fast pace of changing customer and regulatory requirements means business differentiation and speed to market has never been more crucial. The advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies enable a rapid path for Financial Services organisations to understand, identify and leverage business value from their growing quantities of structured and unstructured data assets.
Financial Services organisations benefit from working with Inawisdom to harness the value in their data assets rapidly on AWS at different stages of the adoption curve whether defining the business case or scaling out data platform and AI/ML solutions into production and operation.

  • Transform sales by optimising pricing and increasing sales conversions
  • Predict fraud and reduce risk in a highly regulated market
  • Expedite unstructured data extraction & analysis for vastly improved business operations and customer retention
  • Uncover and monetize new business lines
Inawisdom was founded to give our customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence on AWS. Inawisdom are leaders in AI and Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Data Science, providing a “full stack” of AWS Cloud and Data Services.

Solution Offering

Inawisdom’s Discovery as a Service Financial Services offering and its Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP) solution helps Financial Services organizations quickly ingest and analyse vast amounts of data from different sources to gain significant advantages from machine learning and AI services.

Through the use of both the Discovery as a Service and RAMP on AWS, Inawisdom helps organisations quickly and accurately obtain data insights and rapidly deploy AI services to further boost competitive advantage and differentiation.

Benefit from Inawisdom’s expertise and proven delivery in Financial Services to rapidly deploy AI/ML on AWS

  • Gain access to new Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies in a secure, scalable, and cost-effective environment
  • Acquire new skills and experiences that increase the value of AI/ML
  • ML capabilities help ingest, store, prepare, and augment data from a single platform
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing business intelligence investments and existing operational systems
  • Evolve your business by discovering new insights and market differentiation

Case Studies

Working with Global Financial Services organisations and innovative start-ups across Insurance, Banking & Payments and Capital Markets:

Ipswich Building Society
Post Office
View our customer case studies.

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