Data and Analytics

The Data and Analytics Practice sits at the heart of Inawisdom engagements. Often working closely with our Machine Learning Practice and with three core areas of focus, the team possess a blend of Architecture, Engineering and Platform knowledge and expertise. Our DevOps Culture underpins the way we deliver solutions for our customers.


Inawisdom was founded to give our customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence on AWS. Inawisdom are leaders in AI and Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Data Science, providing a “full stack” of AWS Cloud and Data Services.’

– Robin Meehan, co-founder & MD, Inawisdom

Our Solution Offering

Data Architecture

Our experienced team of Data Architects understand the complexities in modern IT and data landscapes and the importance of applying the right modelling, standards and processes to ensure the effective management of data through it’s entire lifecycle.

We architect and design solutions that transform the way customers manage their data helping them better exploit data and drive business value, whether it be more traditional descriptive analytics or more advanced predictive and prescriptive use cases.

Data Engineering

Highly skilled engineers using the latest tools and technologies, deliver robust enterprise scale data solutions. As a principle, we utilise native AWS platform services, such as Glue and Redshift, wherever possible as this enables us to rapidly ingest and transform data and aligns with our agile approach to delivery.

This approach is also very cost effective for our customers with many services charged on a pay-as-you-use basis, ensuring we can demonstrate business value before the need to commit large up-front investments.

Data Platforms

Real world experience and knowledge of designing data platform solutions using AWS, knowing the right tools for job to meet the analytical needs of all users. Building analytics platforms from the ground up using Infrastructure-as-Code and automating deployments to create repeatable and consistent environments.

Understanding your non-functional requirements and our expertise to determine the best tool for the job, whilst cognisant of the skills and expertise within your existing development teams.

Data Visualisation

Expert visualisation engineers who know how to connect to the data sources will get the best out of modern tools to develop high impact dashboards and reports to meet the varying needs of business stakeholders. Our preference is for AWS native services such as Amazon QuickSight to get you moving quickly and cost effectively with no client install required.

This combined with its inbuilt resilience and scalability allows us to let the software do the heavy lifting while we focus on the creative aspects. Our team are also skilled in many other tools and can also work with your current BI team on your existing AWS deployed visualisation tools.

Data Migration

Inawisdom are experts in data platform migration, enabling organisations to quickly move from legacy systems to a secure, cloud-based data warehouse, built on Amazon Redshift.

Our three-phase approach is focused on delivering value quickly, helping our clients avoid getting stuck in a long, drawn-out migration project that takes years to produce ROI. We start with an Assessment phase to build a clear, compelling business case, followed by a Pilot phase, where we’ll establish the most effective approach to migration for your organisation’s needs. The final Migration phase is carried out in agile sprints, to ensure a smooth transition while the legacy system is deprecated.

Benefit from Inawisdom’s expertise and proven delivery

Inawisdom’s Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP) solution helps organizations quickly ingest and analyse vast amounts of data from different sources to gain significant advantages from machine learning and AI services.

Learn about RAMP on AWS at the AWS Solutions Space.

‘This is my Architecture’ with AWS

Customer Case Studies

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