Contact Centre Intelligence

Transform your contact centre and customer experience with cutting edge AI and ML.


It’s time to unlock the value of the information you already hold and understand your calls like never before

Inawisdom was founded to give our customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence – and our approach to Call Centre Innovation does just that. Inawisdom uses the data, and turns it into actionable insights to enhance the operational capability of your call centre.’

– Neil Miles, CEO

The Opportunity

Contact Centres operate in an environment of ever increasing customer expectations and relentless volumes of callers. Keeping accurate records of what a call is about, particularly if it relates to more than one subject, can be difficult whilst engaging the customer in conversation. Remembering this after the call is even harder, especially when there is pressure to get onto the next caller in the queue. By analysing the recordings after the call, call classification errors can be caught and advisor wrap time can be reduced leaving more time to focus on what is most important, the customer.

These results can provide a further safety net and a set of learning actions for continual improvement of the contact centre, e.g. did the advisor make reference to the right problems in the call notes, was the right follow on action kicked off, did the customer leave the call satisfied or is an outbound follow up call required?

Trends can be picked up quickly e.g. is there a sudden increase in one type of call that might be indicative of an underlying problem? By analysing these factors, proactive action can be taken to ensure the best possible chance of a successful outcome for your customers.


Our Solution Offering 

Our solution leverages Inawisdom’s proven skills and experience as a leader in AI and machine learning, combined with the power of the AWS Cloud, to establish new insights from the information held in your voice recordings.

Together we target a priority scenario for your contact centre, then select and extract the data from your voice recordings, other source systems and, using Inawisdom’s Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP) extract into a secure, analysis ready, platform on AWS. Our highly skilled Data Scientists create models to investigate the data and identify the business insights behind it. After just a few weeks, you will be able to understand your calls like never before.

Along with the rapid Proof of Value, our expert team will also draw out a robust path to production, and a business case for extending the platform, so you can continue your journey to truly differentiating your contact centre for long term success.

5 Minutes on Contact Centre Intelligence

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