The long wait is over – today is the first day of the two-day AWS London Summit. With the event attracting around 10,000 people it’s a serious undertaking and needs a lot of space and logistics support, hence it’s being held in the ExCel centre again this year.

As an event sponsor, the Inawisdom team is on stand S14.  We’re showing a whole range of AI and machine learning demos.  These include the following…

Real-time prediction and anomaly detection for financial services data

Updating every 10 seconds, this demo is processing financial data by executing a regression model  (the green bars) based on circa 35 features, and then performing anomaly detection (the blue circles) across those 35 features plus the regression model prediction data.  This scores each record with regards to how unusual it is (in 35+ dimensions) when compared with other records – useful for focusing valuable human resources on the financial transactions that warrant further manual inspection.

Prediction and Anomaly Detection

Real-time TensorFlow neural network model building using Amazon SageMaker

This is taking Amazon Rekognition facial analysis outputs and storing them to use as the “ground truth” for ML model training.  It’s an experiment over the two days of the summit to see what predictive “signal” exists in this data that allows us to predict someone’s emotion from their other attributes such as age and gender.  It will be interesting…

Rekognition Demo Screenshot

Real-time sentiment analysis of live tweets

…related to #AWSSummit and #Brexit – this showcases applying NLP models (in this case sentiment analysis) to streams of data and visualising them in real-time.   The results from early on day 1 are as follows…

For #AWSSummit – the blue line shows net sentiment is very positive (as you would hope!)…

Twitter Sentiment for #AWSSummit

For #Brexit – the blue line shows net sentiment is generally negative – not a huge surprise :).  Also note the huge volume of retweets – a real amplification effect.

Twitter Sentiment for #Brexit

The Inawisdom team have put in a huge effort to prepare for this event, so it’s great that it’s finally here and all the hard work is paying off.

Do come and see us on stand S14, enter the competition and maybe walk away with an Echo Show, and pick up some goodies!