With the new v5 release of the Elastic Stack, I wanted to do a bit of homework and check out the momentum behind the Elasticsearch hype.  I especially wanted to compare between the two big beasts in the search jungle – Elasticsearch (and associated components like Kibana and Logstash) and Solr.  My usual lazy way of doing this is via Google Trends, and here’s the result.  It kinda speaks for itself – a steady rise of interest in all things in the ELK stack and a slow slight decline for Solr.

Google Trends graph of Elasticsearch popularity plus Kibana, Solr, Logstash

Google Trends graph search interest over time for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Solr, Logstash

The gradual tail off of Logstash search queries makes sense as Beats becomes an alternative means of data shipping.

But of course, search interest does not necessarily equate to whether Elasticsearch, Solr or anything else is right for your particular use case.  Use this review as a good place to start for a comparison of features of both these products underpinned by Lucene. It was last updated about a year ago so doesn’t cover the v5 stack, but is still a great entry point for the topic.