At Inawisdon we have a powerful and battle-tested delivery process called Discovery-as-a-service. This gives us a repeatable, reliable and rapid way to deliver business impact from AI and machine learning initiatives.  We’ve used this multiple times for Financial Services and Insurance (FS&I) organisations. In recognition of this track record, the Discovery-as-a-service process is now available via AWS’s industry-specific solutions showcase, the FS&I Solution Space.  The Solution Space is an area on the AWS web site where customers can locate customer-ready solutions for specific use cases. These are curated by AWS, and the solutions are provided by AWS themselves or AWS Competency Partners such as Inawisdom.

In this case, the Discovery-as-a-service offering is listed under the Data and Analytics section of the Financial Services & Insurance Solution Space. We are eligible for this listing due to our AWS Machine Learning Competency (gained nearly a year ago already – reminisce here!).

What is in the Discovery-as-service listing?

The listing discusses how we use our RAMP platform to accelerate the delivery of these Discovery-as-a-service projects. These are typically conducted over a four week period, with a cadence of a weekly sprint cycle and playback of results.  We need to be able to deploy a secure assured AWS platform for data ingestion, transformation and data science work from day one. There’s not a day to lose! Hence CloudFormation and further automation via AWS APIs are a must for us.

Security is also a day one concern. Unlike a normal application development project, a Discovery-as-a-service project could be handling production PII data on the first day of the project. So the AWS security architecture of RAMP and our supporting ISO27001 processes/controls have to be production-grade also.

RAMP Platform overview

RAMP Platform overview

We’ve used this delivery process, data science method and supporting RAMP platform for numerous projects now. When you’ve got an accelerator, you use it!  For example, it was used for Drax, Post Office Money,  Ipswich Building Society and HG. It also provides the basis for production deployment of the generated machine learning models. These need the same security assurance, DataOps automation etc as the initial discovery project. There is more detail in the solution brief attached to the solution space listing.

Finally, just to complete the story, our solution is also listed in the non-industry specific AWS Solution Space area under the Machine Learning category.